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Speed Mod

When examining real-world trips, it is necessary to consider the comprehensive "trip speed." The trip speed examines the entire trip and accounts for both air and ground legs.

The greatest threat to our trip speed is the time that we spend on the ground. It takes us a while to switch from flying to driving (inter-modal delay) and then we are faced with a slow commute.

When NASA examined personal air travel, they noticed that conventional speed mods have little effect on trip speed. They found "strategies addressing inter-modal delay are more attractive than the traditional approach of increasing cruise speed."

    A motorcycle and pod can reduce your inter-modal delay in several ways:
  1. It eliminates the need to plan your ground transportation. No research, phone calls or reservations.
  2. It allows you to hit the roads within minutes of landing. No paperwork, no waiting.
  3. It allows you to utilize the smaller airports that don't have transportation services. Land closer to your destinations and shorten the ground commute.

A conventional speed mod will shave only 15-25 seconds off your trip. However, a motorcycle and pod can routinely slash 15-25 minutes!

Other speed mods will make your airplane a little faster but none will get you to your final destination quicker than a motorcycle and pod.

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