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Ground Transportation Solved

Your airplane only takes you MOST of the way... this custom motorcycle will handle the rest. The reliable 4-cycle bike carries two adults and provides safe highway performance. It folds to store inside your cargo pod and may be unfolded for riding in less than a minute.

The addition of ground transportation allows you to reach any destination with ease. This is your ticket to travel and explore like never before.



  • 85mph top speed
  • 223cc, 4-cycle engine
  • 2.3 gallons (160 mile range)
  • 220 pounds dry


  • Folding handlebars and pegs
  • Electric Start
  • No-spill plumbing
  • Passenger pegs
Folding Handlebars


Our full-size motorcycles fold for compact storage in less than a minute. The handlebars and pegs fold in seconds. A quick-release axle allows the front wheel to be removed with ease.


There’s no need to drain the gas or oil. Extensive plumbing modifications make our motorcycles spill-proof and safe to fly. The fuel tank is fitted with a unique vent system that has been carefully designed to retain all fluids during the attitudes and pressures of flight. Fuel from the carborator is automatically captured in a catch-can and returned to the fuel tank via a miniature pump. (Pictures: Catch-can IMG_5637)

Custom GraphicsCustom Graphics

Ride in style, with a custom graphics to match your airplane.


Motorcycle Cradle

Removable Cradles

A set of molded cradles protects your motorcycle and keeps it secure during flight. The cradles are removable; use them with the motorcycle or remove them to make space for other cargo.



MotoPOD will build you a custom folding motorcycle that’s lightweight, compact, spill-proof and ready to fly. It’s the first motorcycle that’s specifically engineered for your aviation needs. We’ll utilize the engine and frame from your Yamaha XT-225. Depending on your preference, we can help you locate a new or used motorcycle and arrange shipping to our facility.

This extensive build includes smaller wheels, shorter suspension, low-profile lights and carbon fiber fender. We install our proven non-spill plumbing system, which involves cutting, welding and re-painting of the fuel tank. We also install our folding handlebars, 2-position center-stand, removable axle and other custom parts. We make these parts in-house and each piece is laser-cut and jig welded for accuracy. Our components are finished by anodizing, nickel-plating and other high-quality components.

Your new motorcycle will be finished with custom graphics and shipped to you in a secure crate. Complimentary helmets are included with every motorcycle purchase.

Motorcycle in Pod Motorcycle out of Pod Motorcyle Cradles in Pod

Coming Soon!

  • Customized Helmets
  • Handlebar GPS Mount
  • Saddle Bags


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