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An Introduction to Riding

Getting started with motorcycles is easier than you think. Many states offer free motorcycle courses and you can obtain a motorcycle license in as little as one weekend. Obtaining your license typically requires completing a knowledge test and a skills test… and it’s a lot easier than your last BFR.

If you enjoy flying, then you will probably love riding too. An AOPA Readership Survey found that 19.4% of pilots currently own and ride motorcycles. Like flying, you will enjoy banked turns, responsive handling and the feeling of being connected with your machine.

Your motorcycle license can change the way you fly. With immediate ground transportation at every stop, you will find exciting opportunities to ride into town, visit new places and explore your destinations. David Shelton explains, “It’s changed the way I use my airplane. Together, my airplane and motorcycle can take me anywhere… and I have a lot more fun getting there.”

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