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MotoPOD LLC was founded in 2007 to provide pilots with innovative ground transportation solutions. Less than 1/3 of airports offer ground transportation services and pilots don’t have a reliable method to reach their destinations. By integrating air + ground transportation, MotoPOD LLC is able to provide pilots with everything they need to visit new places, explore their destinations and experience a new level of freedom.

The company was founded by David Shelton, a young pilot, homebuilder and aircraft designer. David was an accomplished soaring pilot by the age of 16. He studied aerospace engineering at Penn State University where he developed a series of experimental aircraft in his garage, which became known as “The other aerospace department.” The SB-1 ultralight glider was constructed for less than $500. The SB-2 LSA demonstrated new construction methods but University lawyers blocked the funding necessary to complete the project. The SB-3 Wing in Ground Effect featured a novel stability system and won a $25,000 grant from the NCIIA. After school, David worked as a designer and operator of unmanned air vehicle systems. He explored roadable aircraft and other ground transportation solutions in his free time and the MotoPOD concept was eventually born.

The first prototype flew beneath an RV-10 on 07.21.08 and attracted crowds at Airventure the following week. It was featured in dozens of aviation magazines, Gizmodo and G4 Television. After a year of continued refinement and tooling, we returned to Airventure and delivered products to our first customers.

We continue to serve the RV-10 market and we’re beginning the STC process to make our products available on a number of common airplanes. Our goal is to change the way we use our airplanes and enable door-to-door travel that’s faster and easier than ever before. Please contact us to see when products will be ready for your airplane.

Investor Opportunities

MotoPOD LLC is a growing company with exciting investment opportunities. Our innovative products represent a fresh approach to serious aviation challenges and we are poised to lead the market in ground transportation solutions and cargo pods. We’re interested in working with select partners and investors as we proceed with FAA certification and grow into a larger market place.

Please contact David Shelton if you are interested in learning more about our investment opportunities.
(847) 651-4373

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